BUJUMBURA November 25th (ABP) – The World Entrepreneurship Week has benefited young people belonging to the Building Bridges in Burundi “Dutsimbataze amahoro” association, according to the young people that a check by ABP contacted on Friday November 22, 2019.

In order to promote social cohesion, human security and resilience for Burundian youth and local communities, the young members of Building Bridges in Burundi have followed training helping them practice various crafts, including motorcycle mechanics and manufacturing sandals.

Mr. Oscar Nduwimana said that after the training in motorcycle repair mechanics, he joined other young people and invested in repairing motorcycles with the spare parts store. He claimed that life has changed after becoming a mechanic.

For him, the trade fair of products made by other entrepreneurs is a great opportunity to see the talents of others and build the capacity to open up to the outside world and to develop the intelligence that we have in comparing to others.

As for Mr. Jackson Nahitangiye, Sandal-type shoe manufacturer, he said that the World Entrepreneurship Week was very beneficial for him because he was able to exchange with other entrepreneurs their way of doing things and what it takes to produce better than before including how to make a business plan.

He noted that after receiving training in shoe manufacturing and joining other young people, he made his own shoes. Thanks to this, life has changed even if problems related to insufficient equipment are not lacking.

The young people met on the site advise other unemployed youth not to be locked in poverty, but rather to associate with others and open up to the culture of innate talents and to love the profession because all crafts are beneficial.

They asked the organizers to multiply training sessions related to self-development. They also called on the government to support young entrepreneurs grouped together to connect them to microfinance institutions so they can access loans easily with an affordable interest rate.

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