BUJUMBURA March 13th (ABP) – Burundi Head of State Pierre Nkurunziza held in Bujumbura on Monday March 12, 2019, a moralization session in favor of executives of the Ministry of Finance, the Budget and Economic Development Cooperation, those of the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) as well as those of the banks operating in the country.

According to the deputy spokesman of the President of the Republic, Mr. Alain Diomede Nzeyimana, the Head of State began with the word of God which states that normally “people make mistakes for lack of consciousness”.

The Head of State said that there are sometimes executives of the ministry in charge of finance who may participate in meetings or acts that do not give a good image to the Burundi people or the government because they do not know that their actions affect the rest of the country, Mr. Nzeyimana said. He gave the example of Westerners who, in 2010, wanted the introduction of same-sex marriages in Burundi and, in return, promised help to the government. He said they did not succeed because of the upbringing of Burundi leaders.

According to Mr. Nzeyimana, the Head of State said that Burundi is not one of the poorest countries as it is always said by the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

On the other hand, he continued, Burundi can organize itself and work on large-scale projects based, for example, on the new National Development Plan to get Burundians out of poverty, which, according to him, does not exist. It is not palpable because with the natural resources that we have, we can easily get out of poverty.

The President of the Republic invited executives of that Ministry to think of pilot projects that can show a beautiful image of the country, as for example the Kaburantwa project where they have just built a three-kilometer tunnel, Mr. Nzeyimana said.

Note that the meeting began with a welcoming speech by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Domitien Ndihokubwayo, who spoke about the role of the executives of his ministry, both in planning and in the collection of the budget that the government uses. According to Nzeyimana, Minister Ndihokubwayo said that although his ministry is important, it is a sector that is known to be affected by corruption.

The Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Development Cooperation took the opportunity to thank the Head of State for having thought to dispense the course of society moralization to his executives.

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