BUJUMBURA January 14th  (ABP) – Solidarity for Peace and Development in Bujumbura (SOPADEBU), an association that brings together natives and friends from the Bujumbura province (west of Burundi), granted aid on Sunday January 12, 2020 of medical assistance cards (CAM) to 100 widowed women from the Kanyosha and Nyabiraba communes, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That activity, which will extend to the other communes of the province, took place in the headquarters of the Buhonga parish, in Kanyosha commune. It was supervised by the executive office of the said association.

According to the president of SOPADEBU, Mr. Pascal Ngendakuriyo, this association of natives intends to assist 450 widows and orphans from that province this year. In addition to the CAM, they will benefit from clothing and food.

During that day of Sunday, only the 100 cards were given, and the president of SOPADEBU Ngendakuriyo announced that the clothes and the food will be given during the week at the same time as the CAM, the food and the clothes for the remaining communes.

The beneficiaries of those cards, who expect food and clothing from SOPADEBU, were in a party atmosphere and thanked that association very much. Those widows said they were relieved, specifying that they will now be able to receive treatment and care for their own family thanks to that assistance from SOPADEBU.

Kanyosha commune alone has more than 4,000 widows, said the president of SOPADEBU.

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