GITEGA November 21st (ABP) – The awareness of the people on the relevance of regularizing cases of illegal marriages that were numerous in recent years in the Gitega province, records satisfactory results with a rate of 97% of illegal marriages that have been regularized, said the governor of the province, Mr. Venant Manirambona, during an interview he gave to the press on Monday.

However, he deplored the increase in court-ordered divorce applications, adding that administrative authorities will continue to sensitize on the importance of the spousal agreement.

The sensitization of illegal households to regularization is a satisfactory step, given the large number of those who have registered in the civil status.

This regularization movement reassures women who previously lived in an unstable situation as they were exposed to being dismissed or abandoned by their spouses.

They were considered daily workers who can break their contracts from one moment to the next, said Mr. Manirambona. He meant that regularization has restored the stability of legal households that are peacefully going about increasing family incomes. This household stability also creates a climate conducive to the implementation of household development activities to the extent that women find their interest.

However, the governor of Gitega deplored that there is an increase in divorce applications often made by men who want to consent with other women.

Curiously, observing the grievances of spouses in conflict, it is noticed that there are those who raise negligible causes that can be settled between the two individuals without resorting to the courts. This is why, he explained, the administrative authorities intend to conduct sensitization campaigns for spouses in all the villages in order to strengthen a climate of dialogue that generates understanding and a climate conducive to the education of children.

He also deplored the increase in the number of young people asking for special permission to consent to their marriages before the required age of 21 for boys and 18 for girls.

Administrative authorities also plan to intensify awareness sessions to discourage early marriages.

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