The two alleged criminals in Muyinga

MUYINGA / BURURI / MWARO May 29th (ABP) – A householder in complicity with his concubine recently killed his two children from the union with his legal wife, in order to dismiss her and definitely win the hand of the lover, according to a local administrative source. The two alleged criminals hid both bodies in a bush after the crime, superimposed on branches of trees, explained the same source. It took three days to find the two bodies in a state of petrification, it is said. The two alleged criminals were arrested for the legal processing.

In Bururi (south-west) – A 43-year-old man by the name of Jean-Marie Ntiranyibagira was killed by his wife, Evangeline Ndayizigiye, on Kiremba hill, Muzenga area in Bururi Commune. The information provided by the provincial police authorities indicated that it was at 10:00 pm of the night from Sunday to Monday when Mr. Ntiranyibagira returned from the cabaret while drunk. When he got home, he started disputing with his wife. The same sources say he tried to strangle her, but his wife and 12-year-old boy tried to escape by fleeing the house.

While pursuing them, the woman informed the police that her husband fell to the ground and that he died on the spot. The police have already arrested the woman and her son for interrogation. It should be noted that Ntiranyibagira and his wife led a bad cohabitation in their family, confirmed their neighbors and the police.

In Mwaro (center-west), a body of a 28-year-old man was found last Thursday in the Masango hill in the Kanka area of ​​Bisoro commune, according to administrator Francine Nifasha, contacted on Monday by ABP. She said the victim, by the name of Chantal Ndayisaba, was found dead on her native hill after three days of disappearance. She was a mother-daughter of two children. She was immediately buried by her family while the police continue their investigations, according to the same source.

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