BUJUMBURA November 23rd (ABP) – Burundi’s senior women’s national football team (“Intamba mu Rugamba”) has entered the semifinal phase of the CECAFA (Council of East African Football Federations) Nations Tournament for ladies, which is currently taking place in Dares Salaam, Tanzania, according to an official source of the Burundi Football Federation (FFB).

The women’s team won the ticket on Thursday, November 21, after defeating South Sudan (3-0) in the match counting for the third day, despite losing to Tanzania, host country and title holder (0-4). During the first day, Burundi defeated Zanzibar (5-0).

The “Intamba mu Rugamba” are thus 2nd in their group B, behind Tanzania. In the semifinals, they will play the Kenya team which is 1st in group A. The other meeting of the semi-final will oppose Tanzania, 1st in group B to Uganda, 2nd in Group A.

Semi-finals matches are scheduled for this Saturday, December 23rd.

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