BUJUMBURA November 23rd (ABP) – The National Media Council (CNC) decided on Thursday, November 21, 2019, to suspend the online newspaper called “Nawe” for reasons of serious shortcomings.

In a press release read by CNC Chairman Nestor Bankumukunzi, the decision was made after noting that the Nawe online newspaper arrogated itself the right to open a Nawe TV platform without a declaration of publication to the CNC, thus violating Article 23 of the law governing the press in Burundi; to publish in the last few days comments containing insulting and defamatory remarks that violate the human dignity of certain personalities of the country in violation of the first, second and fifth Articles of the ethics of the press in Burundi and to devote to the publication of the comments going against good mores in violation of Article 62 (F) of the law governing the press in Burundi.

According to the press release, for all those shortcomings, the Nawe TV platform of the Nawe online newspaper is now banned and the “Comment” section of the Nawe newspaper is suspended until further notice. The press release goes on to say that beside the Nawe newspaper, the CNC is deeply concerned about the spontaneous creation of online media outlets, in violation of the laws and regulations governing the sector.

According to the press release, this attitude may lead to a situation likely to disrupt public order, depravity of mores and misinformation with all that entails consequences.

More seriously, the press release continues to say, these media are often created by people not-initiated to the profession of journalism and not recognized by the CNC.

In view of that situation, the CNC requires media promoters to consult the relevant provisions on the establishment and operation of media outlets. Media officials and journalists are urged to work in strict compliance with the law, the code, the ethics and deontology of the Burundi media, and the fundamental principles of journalism.

He calls on the organizations of media professionals to strengthen their contribution to the supervision of journalists and the media, with a view to further promoting the freedom of the press and the social responsibility of the journalist. As far as it is concerned, the CNC says that it remains deeply committed to the freedom of the press and that it is once again committed to working with all media partners in the general interest of the citizen.

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