GITEGA February 19th (ABP) –The Deputy Chairman of the Special Coalition of Teachers’ Unions for National Solidarity (COSSESONA), Mr. Victor Ndabaniwe, announced that the organization is preparing to help people at risk of starvation in the communes of Kirundo (north of the country). That decision was taken in a meeting assessing the achievements of the past year and the planning of the activities for the current year, held at the Tropitel Hotel in Gitega (center of the country) on the 15th. The meeting was attended by representatives of the constituent unions of COSSESONA from all the provinces of the country. “COSSESONA will have acted in order to respond to the appeal by the Head of State to sympathize with fellow citizens in distress,” Ndabaniwe said.

He recalled that in 2017, that organization joined the government and its partners in the performance of charitable acts for the people of the same province whose climate change had caused a prolonged drought. In addition, Mr. Ndabaniwe took the opportunity to thank the Government for the adoption of the salary adjustment policy and the financial support of the Teachers’ Housing Fund (FLE). He said that teachers access loans with a low interest rate compared to banks.

Speaking about the complaints among the redeployed teachers, Mr. Ndabaniwe deplored the irregularities that are observed in the management of that operation. Normally, those teachers should return to their home schools in case a new teaching position is available. He accused the communal and provincial directors of being responsible for those unjust situations. He asked for reports that should be taken into account before the competent ministerial authorities with a view to eradicating that evil.

Mr. Ndabaniwe fully criticized teachers or school principals who rape students. He deplored the trivialization of such an ignominy, implicating hierarchical leaders for the guilty and law enforcement officers in the cover of the perpetrators of that barbarism. Thus, he asked ministries with education and justice in their attributions to be rigorous in that situation.

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