GITEGA February 19th (ABP) – The people of Kivogera village in the Giheta zone and commune in Gitega province (central Burundi) are satisfied with the services of the Burundi Red Cross (BRC) in their favor. They expressed those feelings on February 15, 2019 when the provincial secretary of the BRC in Gitega, Mr. Pasteur Ntunzwenimana, proceeded with the popularization of the improved stoves called “imbabura cana rumwe” and to the demonstration of the benefits of the soya in the improvement of the food ration of the community in general and that of children in particular.

According to Mr. Ntunzwenimana, those improved stoves manufactured by the BRC members from the aforementioned village offer a double advantage. They are used for the economy of firewood, he said, explaining that the user of those stoves uses a single piece of firewood in cooking.

In addition to the income that improved stove manufacturers earn, Mr. Ntunzwenimana said environmental protection depends on it, explaining that there is a significant reduction in the rate of excessive tree cutting.

Speaking about soy, Mr. Ntunzwenimana said it is a complete food, like cow’s milk. He said that “the processing of soy into different foods, such as powdered milk, croquettes, porridge, and suchlike” was dictated by the desire to eradicate certain diseases related to malnutrition which were observed particularly in children in that locality.

The beneficiaries praised the benefits from those BRC projects. “These projects are timely. The firewood is cruelly rare, and the children suffered from various diseases including kwashiorkor,” Ms. Perpétue Ntunzicimpaye told the check by ABP. She joined the BRC representative in making a strong appeal to the people of Giheta commune in particular, and to those of the whole country in general, to make use of the improved stoves and to consume products from the soy.

Mr. Ntunzwenimana also asked the people to join the project to build model residential houses that provide hygienic and sanitary conditions without reproaching the inhabitants. It is worth noting that the Giheta commune has 6,000 BRC members, and BRC clubs have been set up in some schools.

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