KAYANZA November 4th (ABP) – Two 14 and 17-year-old girls from Nyangwe village, Kabuye zone in the Kayanza commune and province (north) died in the afternoon of Thursday following an accident caused by a mini bus that was coming from the town of Ngozi (north) to downtown Kayanza. According to sources that were on the scene, that vehicle hit the wall of a house next to which those girls were. The provincial police commissioner in Kayanza, OPP1 Meroe Ntunzwenimana, confirmed that information and added that eleven other people were injured, including four seriously. All of these people are bedridden in Kayanza hospital, says OPP1 Ntunzwenimana. This accident is believed to be due to speeding, the Commissioner says. He indicated that even the tires of that vehicle were in a state of obsolescence.

To reduce this type of accident, the provincial police commissioner in Kayanza, OPP1 Meroe Ntunzwenimana, recommends to the joint road safety committees established at each car park, to sensitize the drivers, with a view to putting the safety of passengers in the foreground instead of giving priority to the dividends they will receive after the journey.

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