MAKAMBA March 9th (ABP) – In an effort to boost the good management of schools to improve performance, the governor of Makamba (southern Burundi), Mr. Gad Niyukuri, met in Nyanza-Lac on Thursday, March 7, 2019, principals, master consignors and chairpersons of school management committees.

The administrator of the Nyanza-Lac commune took the opportunity to ask the government to define the terms of reintegration of repatriated students, a check by ABP revealed.

The communal director of education in Nyanza-Lac, Mr. Ernest Ciza, indicated that they make use of teachers paid by parents to fill the gap from basic to post basic education. For example, Nyanza-Lac Technical High School has 22 temporary teachers.

To improve performance, according to the governor of Makamba, the directors must plan the activities by organizing meetings for the parents to fix a possible contribution while prioritizing the activities so as not to charge the parents with heavy load. Mr. Niyukuri asked the directors to organize patriotic training sessions, create cooperatives for self-financing institutions. He finally asked the parents to help in the fight against unwanted pregnancies.

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