GITEGA January 10th (ABP) – The people of Gitega province (center of the country) believes that the scarcity of cement produced locally by the BUCECO factory (Burundi Cement Company) is a matter of speculation by traders and would like the competent authorities actively invest to remedy that.

That product does not exist in all stores, despite the injunctions delivered, on January 7, 2020, to wholesalers for its availability by the provincial commission in charge of monitoring the marketing of BUCECO cement.

The principal adviser to the provincial governor, Mr. Gérard Nibigira said that when it left, on the above date, the commission realized that the wholesalers were selling the cement to a fringe of retail traders. “Wholesalers have testified that their cement orders are arriving and find that customers have paid in advance for all of them,” Nibigira said. “It is difficult to believe them as long as this product does not exist on the market,” he said, adding that it has been discovered that there are some who hide it.

Faced with that situation, the commission ordered merchant wholesalers to deliver to each client a quantity of cement not exceeding fifty bags, stating that beyond that, delivery will be subject to authorization by the provincial governor.

According to Mr. Nibigira, the violator of this decision will be penalized by the commission.

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