Education Minister Janvière Ndirahisha

BUJUMBURA August 29th (ABP) – The Minister of Education, Technical and Vocational Training, Ms. Janvière Ndirahisha, proclaimed in the compound of her Ministry on Tuesday August 28, 2018, the results of the national competition, edition 2018, which will give access to post basic education.

At the time of her proclamation, Ms. Ndirahisha pointed out that to have access to public or private post-basic education; the laureate must have a score of 70/200 or over.

The minimum grade for schools of excellence will be set according to provincial quotas and places available, said Minister Ndirahisha, noting that this rating will not be below 110/200. She took the opportunity to congratulate the schools that achieved the most encouraging success rate. She also congratulated 10 students from four institutions, namely the Holy Spirit High School, Kinama High School, SOS High School of Bujumbura and the Bururi Reference School, who had over 90% in the exam.In addition, the minimum grade for admission to post-basic education in public schools, which organize strategic sections in technical, scientific, teacher-training education, as well as boarding schools, is set at 110/200, she stressed.

The Minister of Education, Technical and Vocational Training indicated that schools that have not achieved a satisfactory success rate will be punished as usual. In the case of private schools, Level 4 will be closed for those that have had a success rate of less than 30% and for which no student has passed the competition. For the other category where there are some students who passed the competition but with the school average of less than 30%, they will only close the class 7.

Directors of public schools who have not reached the average of 20% must be replaced, said the Minister of Education, who called on the Provincial and Communal Directors of Education and parents to analyze the role that each teacher and staff has played in the success of their school, as this is not the responsibility of the principal alone.

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