BUJUMBURA July 24th (ABP) – The Burundi diaspora is one of the key actors in the implementation of plans and policies for the country’s development. This was declared in Bujumbura on Monday July 22nd by the first Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Gaston Sindimwo, when he was opening the fourth edition of the Burundi diaspora week, meeting for five days at the Lake Tanganyika Club Hotel.

Incentives have been put in place to encourage members of the diaspora who want to invest or return voluntarily to the country, including facilitating the granting of land, the exemption of their property and the agreement of a non-governmental association or organization of the diaspora that wants to invest in the country, Mr. Sindimwo said.

He said that the adoption of the national policy of the diaspora by our government in 2016 confirmed the will of the government to go even further, because the objective of that policy is to take into account the needs and the aspirations of the Burundi diaspora and maximize its contribution to the country’s development. He said that this policy is also a tool for strengthening national cohesion and restoring the essential foundations of trust between the diaspora and its country of origin.

First Deputy President Sindimwo still hopes that, in agreement with national and international partners, the government’s policy is able to respond effectively, progressively and fairly to the real needs and concerns of the Burundi diaspora. The mobilization of the Burundi diaspora in the development of Burundi is not possible without the appropriation of the new strategic planning tool, namely the National Development Plan (NDP 2018-2027) which will lead Burundi towards the emergence by 2027, he added.

Indeed, Mr. Sindimwo explained that the Burundi diaspora should know the major articulations and objectives for each sector and understand that this is a new battle in which Burundi is engaged and will last ten years, a fight that will help Burundi to achieve complete independence when Burundians are able to support themselves.

Given that the Burundi diaspora is an important partner for the implementation of the NDP 2018-2027, Mr. Sindimwo said it is essential for the diaspora to sensitize investors, friends of Burundi and traditional technical and financial partners, to carefully adopt the main lines of development contained in that plan and make those partners understand the objective and vision of sustainable development that Burundi has adopted, taking into account the wishes of the people and master plans such as the strategic direction for development until 2030, the 2063 Agenda for Africa and the East Africa Development Plan.

He asked the diaspora to strengthen good communication and to work in synergy with the Foreign Ministry whose management of the diaspora is in its charge. In turn, the ministry will improve the knowledge of the diaspora to provide the support and assistance it needs and to consider the appropriate actions for its contribution to development, without forgetting to protect and defend the rights of Burundians abroad, thinking about the mechanisms of assistance and social protection to members of the diaspora in critical condition or dead member.

Mr. Sindimwo thanked the development partners, including the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for helping draw up a series of incentives for diaspora members wishing to return to the country.

It is worthy to note that the delegates of the diaspora gathered at this fourth session came from more than 42 countries of the world.

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