BUJUMBURA December 18th (ABP) – The Center for Research in Languages, Cultures and Societies (CRELACS) which is housed at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FLSH) of the University of Burundi (UB) will be an official framework for exchanges and scientific enrichment in the field of languages, cultures and society, the head of that Center, Professor Domitien Nizigiyimana, told a check by ABP on Monday.

Created in 2018 and approved by the Board of Directors of the UB, that Research Center was set up with reference to the texts governing research in Burundi.

The promotion of Research in languages, culture and society relevant to social and economic development, the contribution to the training of students, researchers and users of applications in the fields of languages, culture and society, the collection and dissemination of the Information on languages, culture and society are the main objectives which are pursued by CRELACS, said Professor Nizigiyimana.

He also pointed out that this Center currently brings together more than 80 lecturers from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FLSH), specialists in Linguistics, Literature, Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy.

That diversity of specialists, skills and expertise already makes it possible to envisage a space for inter-disciplinary system and consequently collaboration with other research centers of the UB and universities in other countries.

The insufficient material and financial resources and the research activities which are carried out by lecturers in addition to a sometimes overloaded hourly volume of courses, are the main challenges facing that new Research Center.

Professor Nizigiyimana is nevertheless delighted with the determination of the members and the start-up of that Center which coincides with the gradual opening of various master’s programs and the opening of the graduate school.

Professor Nizigiyimana calls on the members of that Center to be more dynamic, which takes concrete form through projects that will lead to results that benefit society.

In addition to CRELACS, the FLSH has another research center, namely the Center for the Study of the Development of Societies and Reconstruction (CREDSR).

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