BUJUMBURA September 28th (ABP) – Some 5,705 people, mostly women, have used contraceptive methods from January to August 2019 at the ABUBEF health center of Jabe.

According to Ms. Jeanne Nahayo of the Family Planning service at that health center, young women aged between 20 and 24 are the most using these methods, because they are “more active” sexually. Other categories range from 15 to 19 years old; 25 years and over. Most are women.

In the interview she gave to the check by ABP, Ms. Nahayo noted that methods that are proposed to women are those available on the national territory, the hormonal method that acts to inhibit ovulation is offered under 3 aspects: injectables, pills and implants (jadelles). The so-called barrier method is offered in male and female condoms.

The natural method requires focusing on the cycle schedule for women.

Among other methods outlined is the “collar of the cycle”, the Intra Uterine Devices.

Emergency contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies by administering morning-after pills is also offered, also for girls and women who have been raped. For the latter, preventions against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are applied and against HIV / AIDS if suspicions are proven.

As for the contraception for men, obligatorily by vasectomy, “the radical method”, Ms. Nahayo noted that the men begin to be interested little by little.

In that regard, she explained that in 2018, more than 120 men resorted to vasectomy, in 2019 so far they are more than 60, while more than 50 men are on the waiting list to undergo the operation.

According to Ms. Nahayo, for a man to be eligible for the vasectomy operation, he must be over 35 years old, with a sign index equal to or greater than 120 equivalent to the product of his age multiplied by the children he already has.

She said that in terms of contraceptive methods, that center welcomes: those who come to get informed, those who come to restock, those who have had side effects to manage them, that center also manages cases of infertility .

Ms. Nahayo appealed to young people to learn about sexual health in order to manage their sexuality and take it fully.

In that regard, she noted that this center cares a lot for young people especially since it is a youth-friendly health center. School-going or out-of-school young people are sensitized after hours of service by that center.

She pointed out that this information is essential for young people because, if not, young girls could endure unwanted pregnancies, others resort to abortions with the risk losing their lives. The same appeal was made to men to get involved in contraception by adopting the vasectomy for those who meet the requirements.

Finally, Ms. Nahayo urged the top-down administrative authorities to raise awareness for reproductive health.

Note that the world celebrated the World Contraception Day on Thursday September 26th.

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