BUJUMBURA July 5th (ABP) – The Burundi National Police, in collaboration with the National Intelligence Service (SNR), arrested three people on June 25, 2019, namely Abdoul Muhizi who is an agent of Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) in the goods declaration service, and Djuma Minyaka and Liévin Ruvuto accused of falsifying administrative documents such as biometric driver’s licenses, OBR receipts, OBM documents and others.

According to the deputy spokesman of the National Police, Mr. Moise Nkurunziza, the arrest was made after a “dump truck” vehicle owner saw his documents refused to the Burundi Mines and Quarries Authority (OBM) when he went there to have them validated. When he arrived there, he found that his documents, which had expired, are not recognized by the OBM services.

The deputy spokesman of the national police went on to say that the owner of the dump truck vehicle turned on his driver who, in turn, showed the entire network and an arsenal of office equipment that this network uses. He reported that those fraudsters issue documents for 30% of what should be paid to the public treasury.

Those who often make use of those false documents are drivers who seek employment from investors for vehicles transporting people and goods for money, Nkurunziza said.

He made a strong appeal to the owners of the vehicles to check with the authorized services if their drivers hold authentic driving licenses. He explained that even if the penal code is clear for the holders of those false documents, the owners are not spared the civil responsibility, particularly in the event of accidents where no insurance company can withstand such damage.

All fraudsters of documents and users are called on to cut short with this shortcut, he advised, arguing that the consequences are huge in their responsibilities but also to the whole society.

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