BUJUMBURA November 12th (ABP) – Despite efforts made by the ministry to fight the cholera epidemic, Minister Thaddée Ndikumana said there are signs showing that the epidemic could still be rife in the country following the garbage scattered here and there.

This announcement was made on Friday, November 8 by the Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS (MSPLS), Dr. Thadée Ndikumana, during the communication on the achievements of that ministry in the first quarter of 2019.

In that regard, the Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS said that indeed more than 1000 people have caught this epidemic, they have been treated and became healed.

However, he felt that the fight against this epidemic is everyone’s affair. He said he had talks with the minister in charge of drinking water supply. Dr. Ndikumana urged people that in the absence of water from REGIDESO, water should be boiled. For him, the Health Ministry would like to work closely with the local administration without forgetting the involvement of the entire population for hygiene and sanitation. He informed that a vaccination project against the cholera epidemic is underway for the coastal people from Cibitoke province to Nyanza-Lac, noting that studies have shown that all rivers flowing into Lake Tanganyika are overflowing with cholera bacteria.

Even though the ministry plans to vaccinate the population against cholera, Dr Ndikumana says that the best prevention is the application of hygiene rules by washing with water and soap and sanitation by applying rules of cleanliness in the neighborhood. For him, a change of behavior and a collective consciousness are essential.

Regarding malaria, he indicated that more than 6,900,000 long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets (MIILDAs) are planned to be distributed to the population during the MIILDA distribution campaign planned for the December of this year.

On the issue of the state of cancer in Burundi, Minister Ndikumana said that it appears in several ways.

In the case of cervical cancer, he pointed out that the ministry has introduced screening and indicated that vaccines are available.

In the case of other cancers, the best prevention, according to Minister Ndikumana, is a healthy and balanced diet and the non-consumption of tobacco, drugs and the excessive consumption of alcohol.

Minister Ndikumana urges the public to begin consultations whenever they suspect of internal and external problems, because if the cancer is treated early it heals very well, he added.

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