BUBANZA January 17th (ABP) – The inhabitants of Musigati commune in Bubanza province (north-west) are called on to change mentality for the increase of agricultural production and family planning, for the simple reason that the demographic pressure is rising at a worrying pace. The appeal was launched by MP Gabriel Ntisezerana, elected in the Bubanza constituency and native of the Musigati commune, during a security meeting organized in commune Musigati on Tuesday January 15th.

According to MP Ntisezerana, the observation is that the harvest remains insufficient and is no longer proportional to the efforts made by the farmers of this commune. As causes, he mentions the lack of improvement of agricultural techniques to cope with the soil degradation, and farmers who resist against the drawing of contour lines, whereas that commune is largely made by steeply sloping lands. The other cause is the fact that they grow sugar cane and eucalyptus trees in most marshes. He therefore asks them to change their mentality by thinking about drawing contour lines over steeply sloping villages, raising small livestock to find organic manure, all these for the increase of agricultural production.

Mr. Ntisezerana also calls the inhabitants of that commune for the family planning simply because the data of the Provincial Directorate of Education show that only the number of pupils in the first years, aged 7, is 31000, or one fourth (¼) of those studying from 1st to 9th grade. Those first-year pupils therefore need more than 620 classrooms and about 68 schools. He asks them to become aware of those harmful consequences resulting from demographic pressure. That Member of Parliament also asks them to redouble their vigilance to build peace and security.

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