BUJUMBURA December 25th (ABP) – The Burundi national Beach Soccer team won on Monday December 23, 2019, after defeating the Malawi national team (7-5).

It was during its 2nd match that it delivered to the Copa Dar Es Salaam Beach Soccer tournament 2019 edition, which is being held in Tanzania, from December 22 to 29.

During its first match, Burundi lost on Sunday to the Seychelles (5-6).

Copa Dar Es Salaam Beach Soccer 2019 includes Tanzania (host country), Burundi, Malawi, Uganda and Seychelles.

Each of the participating countries will play the other four. The country which will be crowned champion is the one which will obtain the most points than the four others.

Burundi, represented by 16 players, was to play Uganda team on Tuesday as its third and penultimate match.

It is the first time that the national Beach Soccer team has participated in the international championship, since 2008, the year of its inception.

In Burundi, the beach soccer championship includes 3 divisions, according to the discipline’s regulations. The 1st division is made up of 10 teams with meetings which take place in 2 phases. For the 1st phase, the 10 teams play with each other in the first leg, the last 2 are directly relegated to the 2nd division.

For the 2nd phase, the 8 remaining teams play first and second legs, until the final phase which is played in a single match.

The Beach Soccer 2nd Division is made up of 6 teams competing for the return matches. After the final classification, the first two go up to the 1st division while the last in the classification goes down to the 3rd division.

The 3rd division is made up of teams from the interior of the country around 3 sites: Magara, Rumonge and Nyanza-Lac. Each of the three sites is made up of four teams which meet in 2 phases, first and second legs. The first ranking for each site goes back to the 2nd division.

The 2019 edition of Beach Soccer Burundi has started in February and is reaching the final phase of the 1st division.

Bunge FC and Bukimba Beach are the teams that will compete in the final for the closing ceremonies of the championship for this 2019 edition.

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