KAYANZA August 13th (ABP) – The General Directorate of the Washing Station Management Company (SOGESTAL) in Kayanza (Northern Burundi) is pleased with the places won during the quality coffee tasting competition that took place in Mwumba commune of Ngozi province.

As a reminder, out of 23 lots of selected quality coffee that will represent the country in the international competition, five of the top ten are from Kayanza province.

Based on the places won this year, the general director of SOGESTAL Kayanza calls on Kayanza coffee growers in general and its customers in particular to properly maintain their coffee trees, especially by scrupulously respecting the advice provided by various stakeholders in the coffee sector, SOGESTAL Kayanza’s Director General Claude Nzambimana told the check by ABP during an interview with him.

Mr. Nzambimana expressed a sense of satisfaction for the places won by his company on 23 lots that won the cup of excellence competition. Also, he added, two other lots of the same company, which are among the quality coffees that will participate in the competition at the international level, come after the top ten.

However, the achievement of these places results from the strategies and techniques implemented from the coffee orchards up to the treatment phase. He said coffee growers who bring their coffee to the company have picked and selected their cherry coffees.

The technicians, on their part, treated the coffee by conforming to the good conducts required to have quality coffee.

Even though SOGESTAL Kayanza won that competition with seven out of the 23 winners in total, its Director General calls on coffee growers not to cross their arms but rather to properly use the techniques of mulching, pruning, spraying and fertilization because, according to him, the quality of a coffee emanates from all those good practices which participate in most cases in the fight against pests harmful to coffee.

In the same vein, he reminded that coffee growers must scrupulously respect the farming techniques, the production techniques recommended to them by stakeholders and partners in the coffee sector, in this case the administration which ensures the surveillance via the governmental authority ARFIC regulators, puller-outers, the CNAC-Murima w’isangi, and many others.

As the coffee cutting (pruning) and mulching campaign began a few days ago, he invited Kayanza coffee growers to make that campaign their own. Even the spraying and fertilization campaign will be launched soon, he announced.

He called on all coffee workers to raise awareness in order to allow any coffee farmer in Kayanza not to miss that opportunity, which contributes a lot to increasing the production of quality coffee.

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