CIBITOKE January 11th  (ABP) – The Senate President of  Burundi, Mr. Révérien Ndikuriyo with all his office and several senators performs on Thursday January 9, 2020, a trip on the village Kibande, commune Mabayi in province of Cibitoke, some days after the attack on the position of the Burundi soldiers in Marura by armed men from Rwanda.

The purpose of that trip from the Senate was to comfort that people on the border with Rwanda, and to encourage them to redouble their vigilance against any disturber of peace and security.

Mr. Ndikuriyo congratulated the inhabitants of Kibande in particular and those of the whole province of Cibitoke in general, for their way of ensuring peace and security, in synergy and with respect for the quadrilogy. What became their workhorse to get there and which must serve as an example to the other provinces of the country.

The Senate President has given a lot of advice to the people of Mabayi, and he has not forgotten to urge him to protect the Environment and prepare for the next elections to elect their leaders.

He stressed that since royalty, Burundians knew how to set up their rulers, without resorting to foreigners.

Note that during this visit to Mabayi, the President of the Senate and his companions had provided themselves with a basket made up of ten tons of rice as a thank you to the inhabitants of Kibande, for their exemplary behavior of working in synergy in the respect for the quadrilogy required in terms of security.

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