GITEGA March 2nd (ABP) – The President of the Burundi Senate, Mr. Réverien Ndikuriyo, proceeded, in the Congress House of Gitega (center of the country) on February 28, 2019, with the closing of the activities of the 2018 ordinary parliamentary session. Some dignitaries of the country, including the Chief of the Constitutional Court, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, provincial governors, ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps accredited in Burundi and communal administrators, honored the closing activities with their presence.

To that end, he indicated that since December 3, 2018, nine bills have been analyzed and adopted, out of the seventeen received on the Senate table. Speaking about government oversight, Mr. Ndikuriyo said the Senate has continued to verify the implementation of the laws they have passed and the recommendations they have issued. For example, he said, the Senate invited the Minister of the Interior, Patriotic Education and Local Development for further clarification on the implementation of the law on the organization of the communal administration in Bujumbura City Council, with regard to the power decentralization policy. The Senate, he continued, made trips to provinces and communes of the country in favor of people from various communes to continue the behavioral change awareness, for the development of their households and country.

In addition, Mr. Ndikuriyo said that during the same session, the Senate closely followed the inter-Burundi dialogue held in Arusha, Tanzania. Speaking about the vacation that Senators begin, he said they will continue to sensitize students to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies in school settings. Senators will also make the people aware of behavioral change to go about works for their self-development and that of their homeland. In the perspective of behavioral change, he added, people will also be made aware of celebrating cultural festivals in households and not in bars, citing, among other things, the giving of the dowry, marriage and so on.

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