The girl from Ruyigi who vomits pebbles, fragments of broken glasses and other strange substances

RUYIGI June 14th (ABP) – A girl from the Gasanda neighborhood in the urban center of Ruyigi (east) suffers from an illness that worries her family, relatives and the administration. Medical sources under cover of anonymity speak of a case that is metaphysical and out of the ordinary.

Her parents ask for help from any charitable soul that could look after this child. They also ask for financial help, as long as they do not go about their daily activities, because of the child’s state of health. Her name is Najirah Khalfan, eight years old, daughter of Ahmed Khalfan and Félicité Twahirwa and third of their four children.

Since Monday June 6 this year, the girl is vomiting pebbles, fragments of broken glasses and other strange substances that come out of her belly, as a check on the site by ABP revealed and the testimonies of the neighbors and her parents. Her mother says that, in reality, those vomitings are a new stage in a long illness that gets worse as more days go by. Her daughter would have actually started her mishap in November of last year. At that time, this child was telling her parents that she sometimes hears the inner voices telling her that she will soon die, but her family considered her words at large. Subsequently, those same voices then proceeded to the stage of speaking openly. The possessed child said that she wanted to go home to the toilet hole at home. As early as January 2018, she showed signs that resembled those of malaria. At this stage until the onset of her vomiting on Monday June 4th, her parents took her to the hospital many times, but the results of the medical examinations showed that the child’s health was very good. Medical sources joined by the ABP are unanimous that the case of the girl does not concern conventional medicine and should instead seek the side of traditional medicine or prayers.

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