BUJUMBURA January 7th (ABP) – Two people were killed in Kibago (Makamba province) and Ntahangwa (Bujumbura City Council) on Thursday in various circumstances, said the spokesman of the Public Security Ministry, Commissioner Pierre Nkurikiye, on Friday.

According to the police, the killing that occurred in the Ntahangwa urban commune is that of a man whose dead body was found in the Nyabagere neighborhood of ​​the Gihosha zone. The police found that the victim was killed with a rope. The report that was made by the police also suggests that the victim was not killed on the spot, but rather in another place.

Regarding the murder reported in Kibago commune, the police indicate that the victim is a currency exchanger who worked at the Buhinja market. The latter was killed by four men armed with a rifle and machetes. Three of the four alleged criminals were arrested thanks to the rapid intervention of the people together with an element of the National Police of Burundi (PNB) stationed in that locality, Commissioner Nkurikiye said.

Moreover, the PNB narrowly saved on Thursday around 6:00 PM, the buildings housing the general directorate of the Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU) located in urban zone of ​​Rohero, INSS quarter, which was going to be caught by the fire following a short circuit that occurred at the REGIDESO meter. No damage was recorded except the meter that was affected and the door that was broken to allow the police element to access the point of origin of the fire, Commissioner Nkurikiye said.

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