CIBITOKE November 27th (ABP) – The Minister of the Interior, Patriotic Education and Local Development, Mr. Pascal Barandagiye together with his assistant, the representative of the National Security Council, the Director General of Patriotic Education and other members of his ministry and the National Security Council, met at the headquarters of Buganda commune on Monday November 25, with members of the joint security committees of all the villages of the province (north-west).

Minister Barandagiye said that this meeting was part of the great project of meetings with the joint security committees of all the communes bordering the DRC and Rwanda, from which can come the enemies of Burundi. Thus, the Minister in charge of the Interior specified that it is with a view to formulating strategies to stabilize the region in order to enter peaceful elections throughout the national territory.

Minister Barandagiye said that to achieve this, members of joint security committees must work day and night in accordance with the security quadrilogy required to detect and inform any suspect or potential enemy. Joint security committees whose members are lazy will be replaced, added the minister.

According to the representative of the National Security Council, village leaders are urged to regularly register visitors of households and hotels in their localities. He revealed to the participants measures taken to keep peace and security. These include beefing up peace and security through the vigilance and registration of foreigners in localities, exchanging all information relating to security, combating rumors and encouraging youth to entrepreneurship to overcome unemployment. They also agreed to work hard to produce a lot and set up processing units for agricultural products, strengthen hygiene and sanitation measures to prevent dirty-hand diseases and Ebola virus disease, without forgetting to fight against fraud and speculation on FOMI fertilizer and BUCECO cement.

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