RUTANA January 4th (ABP) – Following a traffic accident that occurred in the early evening of Thursday at Rongero, Rutana province (south-east of the country), about 4 kilometers from the provincial headquarters, one person died and the other one was seriously wounded and is in critical condition, according to police source of Rutana. The dead man who died on the spot was a catechist from the Pentecostal church who was returning on a motorcycle from Gakwende, in Gitanga commune, from where he came from an evangelization mission and had another person on his motorbike.

A Probox-type Toyota car that came from Rutana and used as a paid transport car hit the motorcycle around 6 pm at the Rongero health center and the security minister’s country residence, killing the driver of the motorbike on the spot.

The car overturned and passengers were injured and taken to Rutana Hospital. Even the passenger on the motorcycle was seriously injured to the point that he was believed to be dead. He was only evacuated last, and it was noticed that he was still breathing when he arrived at the hospital and that instead of taking him to the mortuary, he was being transferred to the emergency care service where it is indicated that so far he has not yet emerged from coma.

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