KAYANZA January 17th  (ABP) – The federation of Kayanza coffee producers so-called Bonakure organized on Thursday an extraordinary general assembly in headquarters of the Kayanza province (north of Burundi) for the representatives of associations and coffee cooperatives of that province with a view to electing the new leaders of the said federation and assessing the results achieved.

The economic advisor to the governor of Kayanza, Mr. Sylvain Bakanibona, in his welcoming speech indicated that the industrial culture of coffee is of paramount importance for households, the commune, the province and even for the country because that it allows currency entry.

Those currencies participate, according to the same provincial authority, in the execution of a lot of projects that the country needs.

To do that, he asked the representatives of associations and coffee cooperatives of Kayanza to make more efforts to increase production in quantity and quality and thus allow the country to develop.

As for the national confederation of coffee growers associations, Mr. Bakanibona proposed to continue advocacy with a view to raising the price of cherry coffee because it is an industrial culture requiring a lot of work, both material and financial means, he added.

Mr. Bakanibona closed his speech while promising that the provincial administration will always be at the side of coffee growers, coffee associations and cooperatives, partners working in the coffee sector, and many other stakeholders in the coffee sector.

Compared to the elections, the federation of coffee farmers of Kayanza today has 475 coffee associations for men, 68 for women, 30 youth associations as well as 11 associations from the Batwa community, we can point out.

Also note that everything was closed by the elections of new leaders of the federation of coffee growers of Kayanza BONAKURE.

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