MAKAMBA March 2nd (ABP) – The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is supporting 37 cooperatives, including 24 in Mabanda commune and 13 cooperatives in Kayogoro commune of Makamba province, as part of the project to prevent conflict and build peace by tackling the factors of instability and conflict associated with forced displacement between Burundi and Tanzania, a check by ABP revealed.

To train those cooperatives, the UNDP in collaboration with the communal administration selected the beneficiaries among the returnees, the young people and the residents. They were first organized in the works of rehabilitating the public infrastructures where those beneficiaries received two dollars each per day while a dollar was saved for a 100-day period.

During this period, those beneficiaries received training on how to create and revitalize cooperatives in order to make good use of the UNDP support fund.

Ms. Annociatte Nimpagaritse of the “Tugwizibikorwa” cooperative based in Buhema in the Mugeni zone of ​​Kayogoro commune said that members of that cooperative were able to buy a piece of land where they built a barn for goats and pigs. She is greatly pleased because those beneficiaries have received an income-generating activity so far.

Those cooperatives are established in all 3 zones of Mabanda commune and in 3 zones of Kayogoro commune, including Gatabo, Mugeni and Kayogoro.

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