BUJUMBURA May 9th (ABP) – The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) is busy with preparing for the 2020 elections in a peaceful atmosphere. This was the main objective of its campaign to strengthen the democratic culture held in Bujumbura on May 7, 2019, with the administrative officials, representatives of political parties approved in Burundi, representatives of religious denominations and civil society organizations.

CENI Chairman Pierre Claver Kazihise revealed to the participants that for the elections to be held in a peaceful atmosphere, voters must be prepared in advance. It is in that perspective that the CENI has organized dialogue sessions to all Burundians on strengthening democratic culture.

In his presentation on the relationship between democratic culture, elections and peace, Mr. Kazihise said that when one starts from its origin, democracy is a form of governance that guarantees the equality and freedom of citizens. It is also the political system in which representatives are elected by the citizens, and it is for this reason that free and transparent elections are among the components of democracy.

He also pointed out that democracy does not only concern politics, it also strengthens peace and tightens security, and the development of the people continues. Democracy is also characterized by respect for others and the laws and rules in force.

The participants in the session were also made aware of non-violent communication everywhere and in all circumstances, especially during the election period. Activists of political parties are called on to use non-violent communication because, he explains, violent communication is a source of conflict, it hurts, separates, divides, labels, insults, manipulates, blackmails, makes guilt and causes insecurity in all its forms in the country. All of this has negative consequences for the smooth running of elections.

The CENI has also raised awareness about election observation, how to do it and the specifications of the observers. The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission pointed out that the CENI has the ambition that the 2020 elections would be better than the other elections held in the past years.

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