BURURI May 10 (ABP) – Bururi Provincial Governor Frederic Niyonzima held a security meeting in his office with the provincial security committee on Thursday May 9, 2019. The state of affairs was that security is generally good throughout the province except for isolated cases of theft in shops, households, an unusual phenomenon in Bururi urban center where women are stripped of their phones and handbags at night by unknown people, and the destruction of State afforestation with permission of the Burundi Environmental Protection Authority.

The participants in the meeting asked anyone who was the victim of that kind of robbery to immediately communicate to the police to prosecute those criminals. The trilogy, administration-court-police must collaborate to eradicate all those despicable acts committed in the province.

Regarding the cutting of the State afforestation, the director of the provincial office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock is called on to be more vigilant and to be rigorous because village leaders and certain administrators are accomplices. The governor recalled that he does not give a cutting authorization but rather gives a certificate of possession of a wooded property, the latter being able to serve the owner who needs to take out a bank loan.

As for the excess in number of passengers on public transit vehicles, which is another source of insecurity, the provincial commissioner said that a written message is enough for him to catch the vehicle and the driver.

Officials and natives of Bururi are called on to contribute to the construction of the provincial headquarters’ stadium and partake in community development works every Saturday.

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