NGOZI March 2nd (ABP) – Rice farmers in Tangara, Kiremba and Marangara communes of Ngozi Province (northern Burundi) are delighted with the start of the Ndurumu and Nyamuswaga marsh development activities. According to a mission of the Agricultural Market Development Project (PRODEMA), the two marshes have received funding for the development and works have already started and will end in July 2019. In Nyamuswaga for example, the marsh will serve the villages like Munagano and Kiremera of Kiremba commune and those of Kigomero, Bwitoyi and Cayi of Tangara commune. 282 hectares will be developed for an amount of 1,687,825,469 BIF.

The beneficiaries of the marsh are 10120 farmers. People surrounding those two marshes are pleased that the operating conditions will be reduced. This will allow a significant increase in rice production. The people surrounding those marshes will also benefit from temporary jobs during development works. PRODEMA also intends to provide Ngozi province with a cassava flour processing unit. A factory is also under construction in Muremera village of Ngozi commune. It will be operated by Muremera’s Transformation of Agricultural Products (TPA) cooperative, which has 59 partners, including 23 women. That processing unit will house cassava through the collection centers.

PRODEMA also supports the Ngozi province for the development of the coffee, banana and bean sectors. It is financed by the World Bank and will continue until 31 January 2020.

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