CIBITOKE July 13th (ABP) – The Governor of Cibitoke province (northwest), Mr. Joseph Iteriteka, met the members of joint security committees and some heads of services, at the Rugombo stadium on Thursday July 11, for the quarterly assessment of the political and security situation, a check by ABP revealed.

According to communal administrators and communal police commissioners, security is generally good in all communes of Cibitoke province, except for a few isolated incidents. These include cases of homicides related to revenge or land disputes; the burning of houses; rumors; various leaflets; road accidents; narcotics; border fraud; the phenomenon of concubine behavior reported in Mabayi commune, and others.

Lifeless bodies have been discovered in recent days in Rugombo and Bukinanyana communes. Communal administrators indicate that those criminal acts are related to revenge or land disputes. For example, a gold digger has been recently killed at the 9th Rusiga crossroad in Rugombo commune, by unknown people who first stripped him of money and some gold, according to the Rugombo communal administrator. The similar case is that of a mother-girl who was found dead at Nderama in Bukinanyana commune in the evening of July 8th, while she had spent the day with the one who would have made her pregnant and who was apprehended afterwards for investigations, according to the administrator of Bukinanyana commune.

The same officials denied rumors saying that those dead bodies found would have lost some body parts. Contrary to what some feared, the houses burned in Rugombo and Murwi communes were not set on fire because of the political affiliation of the owners, but rather by criminals wanting poor cohabitation among people, a check by ABP revealed.

The communal administrators also denounced leaflets conveying false information as threats to kill some people, others confusing women to abandon modern contraceptive methods.

The provincial police commissioner spoke of the traffic accidents, which have resulted in 16 deaths since April and 66 injuries. Seizures of prohibited beverages took place according to various administrative and police officials and thousands of liters were dumped, while 80 kilograms of hemp were destroyed.

Commissioner Monfort Ndoreraho also revealed that they had seized 1260 non-cleared loincloths of Congolese origin. Dozens of boxes of fish and several bags of oranges to the Democratic Republic of Congo were seized during the same period, as well as eight cows and seven goats recently arrested in Buganda commune while their destination was the DRC.

In Mabayi commune, they denounce the phenomenon of concubine behavior which is accentuated, while in Mugina commune, 155 families are worried about the decision of the National Commission of Land and other Property (CNTB) which assigns their properties to a single person.

The governor of the province and the provincial commissioner gave pieces of advice to the participants for the good collaboration of the quadrilogy, in favor of building peace and tightening security.

Governor Joseph Iteriteka appealed to his people to good cohabitation and to focus instead on community works to prepare nurseries and draw contour lines, but also to build public infrastructures.

He did not forget to mention that the electoral propaganda period has not yet arrived and that the activities related to the opening of the political party offices must be authorized by the administration.

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