FONIC has donated the Taba Crafts Center didactic material made of various animals

BURURI March 2nd (ABP) – The Taba Trade Center in Bururi commune received 3 dairy cows, 5 pigs, 10 goats and 50 layers through the National Communal Investment Fund (FONIC), said Mr. Surpice Niyongabo, the one in charge of teaching crafts and vocational training in Bururi province.
According to him, those animals will be used by students to do practical works and to finance the school. He also added that it is a good initiative of the government, but he said that the school is facing serious problems of feeding that livestock because it has neither arable land nor drugs. The Bururi commune has released 100,000 BIF to feed those cattle for a few days but this remains insufficient, according to him.
It should be noted that the communes financed by FONIC have built crafts centers and are in the process of equipping them with the necessary equipment to facilitate the practical works of the students. All crafts centers must be equipped with an agricultural and livestock sector.
In six communes of Bururi province, five crafts centers have already been built, notably in Bururi commune, Rweza in Vyanda commune, Vyuya in Mugamba commune, and Ruvumvu in Songa commune.

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