First travel documents produced at Ngozi Provincial One Stop Shopping have been delivered

NGOZI March 1st (ABP) -The Ngozi provincial one-stop shopping, a new decentralized structure for issuing police documents and other documents of civil servants, began operating on Tuesday February 27, 2018. It was able to deliver a hundred of travel documents including passports, passes, CEPGL travel cards.
The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Mr. Felix Mpozeriniga, who officially launched the handing over of those documents spoke of giant step: “This is a very big step.” When the Ministry has proposed the decentralization of public services offered to the people, such as the documents that this provincial one-stop-shopping has just handed over, we thought it was impossible, God be praised. ”
Now, it allows the beneficiaries to easily access the various documents usually offered in the capital Bujumbura. It will no longer be a question of spending the round-trip ticket to go to Bujumbura.
There will be no loss of time either because applicants should spend two or more days in Bujumbura waiting for these documents.
“So you will understand how much it cost them. Today all the papers are delivered here in Ngozi without having to go beyond the limits of this province. ”
Recipients of the documents were very satisfied with that delivery. Desiderata Uwimfura who received her passport said she was very happy to receive the document in a short time: “I receive this passport with so much joy because it was so difficult before. It has only been 12 days from the day of application; it was really hard to spend days in Bujumbura. It is better to see this good initiative continue. ”
Beneficiaries from Busoni commune in Kirundo province said they were delighted: “We did not give anything as a bribe, we are happy that it is moving forward quickly.” “We are happy to have spent little and received the requested documents”, said one of them. Minister Mpozeriniga asked provincial one-stop shopping providers of documents to continue to make it easier for service seekers.
He insisted that there be no demand for bribes or other incentives to access those services. He took the opportunity to ask the media and the territorial administration to make a wide dissemination so that people be aware of that new one-stop shopping so that there are more people who waste their time down on Bujumbura. The Ngozi provincial one-stop shopping offers five services, namely the Trafficking Police, which offers biometric driver’s licenses, the migration service that issues passports, pass and CEPGL card, the Interpol service that gives the registration cards and certificate of loss. There is also the Public Service department which issues the various claims of Public Service employees. Five provincial one-stop shoppings were opened in Ngozi, Muyinga, Gitega, Mwaro and Bururi.

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