MWARO June 4th (ABP) – The governor of Mwaro province (center-west), Mr. Jean-Marie Nyakarerwa, met with the natives of that province at the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) of Bujumbura on Sunday, to exchange on the development of their province. He first introduced the life of the province in all sectors and asked the natives of Mwaro to contribute to the development of their province.

The recurring issue was that of education because the province occupied the last three places at the national level, during the last three consecutive years. Participants insisted on the University of Mwaro, which is likely to go bankrupt due to the lack of funds. An urgent appeal was sent to everyone, natives of Mwaro, administration, parliamentarians elected in the Mwaro constituency to support the smooth running of the University of Mwaro.

They also talked about the cost of transport on the Bujumbura-Mwaro axis which remains high compared to the distance. In the field of health, it has been reported that cases of malaria have increased in recent months in the Kibumbu and Fota health districts.

In the future, the governor of Mwaro spoke about the construction of the Kigutu stadium, a conference hall of the province and other social infrastructures. Participants proposed the development of a provincial development strategy, not to mention thinking of the tourism and hostelry sectors.

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