64 prisoners were finally released by Presidential pardon

BURURI March 7th (ABP) – 64 inmates, including five women and 59 men in Bururi prison (south-west) were finally released on Monday by the Presidential pardon, a check by ABP revealed. The same measure by the President of the Republic has given a favor to 16 prisoners whose sentences have been commuted. Those include four women whose offenses are diverse in nature, life sentences commuted to 20 years in prison, and other convicted offenders whose sentences have been commuted to half.
For the Bururi prison authorities, the measure is beneficial, given that the Bururi prison, which has a capacity of hosting 250 prisoners, now has 164 detainees. However, the detainees not benefiting from the Presidential pardon deplore the slow processing of their cases by the competent courts. Some say they spend days and days, months and months locked, without appearing before the judges. It should be noted that the measure of Presidential pardon concerns only prisoners already convicted.

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