The Japanese Ambassador to Burundi cuts the symbolic ribbon to inaugurate the OPDE infrastructures

BUJUMBURA February 19th (ABP) – Japan’s ambassador to Burundi, Mr. Takayuki Miyashita, officially handed over, in Bujumbura on Monday, February 18, 2018, the basic facilities to the NGO humanitarian work for the protection and development of the child in difficulty (OPDE). He said during the ceremony that through a donation to local micro-projects contributing to human security, the Japanese Government had granted a donation of eighty-two thousand four hundred and seventy-four US dollars (USD 82,474) for the construction project of the OPDE professional training center (CFP).

The Japanese diplomat further indicated that this donation was intended to ensure the implementation of activities, including the construction of 4 classrooms, the rehabilitation of 6 classrooms, the rehabilitation of 2 workshop blocks, rehabilitation of 2 toilet blocks and the rehabilitation of the corridors. He pointed out that Japan sees education as one of its priorities in its cooperation with Burundi, and that the donation to local micro-projects contributing to human security is designed to promote self-empowerment and develop a sense of initiative among grassroots communities, to encourage them to solve the problems that affect them in the areas of education, health, water, sanitation and the environment. The Japanese ambassador took the opportunity to provide advice to young people who are supervised by the OPDE to properly maintain the infrastructures they have just received, arguing that they will also serve for future generations.

The OPDE coordinator, Mr. Gaddy Bukuru, expressed in turn his thanks to the Japanese Embassy in Burundi and said that the final acceptance of those buildings is a source of pride for the OPDE, as the 4 newly built classrooms will enable them to receive a large number of young applicants for training, because previously, places were limited. He pointed out that at OPDE, young people are trained in the iron sheet manufacturing, welding, building, hostelry, carpentry and other crafts. He encouraged young people who attend craft schools, explaining that the future of crafts in Burundi is a promoter, as the Burundi Government supports professional training.

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