MAKAMBA January 1st  (ABP) – The dean of the Higher Institute of Commerce (ISCO) at the University of Burundi, Mr. Aloys Misago, asks Burundians to base themselves on the six pillars to achieve the expected development. For him, all development comes from the people and must be among the priorities of the people, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mr. Misago expressed that request during a meeting of the development platform of the Nyanza-Lac commune

The second pillar is that development is rooted in the aspirations of the people. It is from the inside because development takes into account what the people needs.He indicated that the human person must be the basis of all development and not things because it is the person who develops using things.

The dean of ISCO said another thing is the ownership of development by the citizens themselves. It means that the people must have knowledge that can help them in approaching the activities they do. He gives an example of the cultivator, emphasizing that he must be equipped with the techniques and means to increase the production.

The fourth pillar is that the development concerns all men. That means that we will develop all aspects of man without leaving anyone behind in order to avoid inequalities between people and prevent conflicts in society.

Mr. Misago added that all aspects of human life are taken into account, starting with a priority aspect which will develop the other aspects.

He also asked the people to promote local products.

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