BUJUMBURA April 27th (ABP) – The ruling party held a Thanksgiving Prayer at its national headquarters on April 25, 2019, as part of the commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the April 25, 2015 congress which appointed Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza as the visionary of the party in the 2015 presidential election.

At the meeting, the Head of State and other dignitaries joined the other Bagumyabanga in the prayer, having as a basis the word of God found in the judges, chapter 6, verses 11-16, and 22-24, “Ubuhizi bw’Imana buhagurutsa abanyantege nke” (the story of Gideon).

In his welcoming address, the Secretary General of the ruling party, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, first welcomed the President of the Republic, those who accompanied him and all the Bagumyabanga who were present in the prayer. Afterwards, he said that this special day coincided with the celebration period of the Easter party during which Christians give thanks to Jesus Christ, the savior of the world. He continued his message by recalling that it was also the day the agreements were signed to cease fire and that God heard the crying of the Burundians. He took the opportunity to once again thank the Head of State for his presence and invited the Bagumyabanga to listen to him.

In turn, the Head of State took the floor and at first addressed his thanks to God; the Almighty, before making it clear that he was delighted to be with the Bagumyabanga. Based on the word of God found in the judges, chapter 6, verses 11-24, he invited the Bagumyabanga to be retrospective and see the hard times that Burundi went through and read, through those moments, what God wanted to reveal to the Burundians. He argued that it will help them know what they should do in the future. The visionary of the ruling party did not forget to remind the Bagumyabanga that the difficult times that countries are going through do not mean that God has abandoned his people. It is necessary, he said, always to keep hope in God and to trust him, explaining that God is very faithful.

Afterwards, he called on them to keep that day of Thursday as a day dedicated to God and to accompany it with other humanitarian actions, including the assistance to the needy, the sick, the prison inmates and others, in the sense of being servants of God and saving the world, adding that the peace that reigns in Burundi emanates from God.

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