CANKUZO December 3rd (ABP) – The project to support refugee-hosting community in the Northeastern Regions of Burundi (PACARNE-Turikumwe) was launched in consultation with various stakeholders in Cankuzo (eastern Burundi) on Thursday November 28, a project that once approved by the World Bank will start in February 2020 and end in 2024, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The objective of the project is to improve access to basic social services through the construction of public infrastructures, including schools, health centers, sanitation and drinking water as well as investment in economic opportunities by building markets, rural roads and funding projects of host community cooperatives, as indicated by Samuel Ndayiragije, National Coordinator of ONPRA.

The ONPRA Coordinator further clarified that the beneficiaries of that project are the refugees from Nyenkanda, Bwagiriza, Kavumu, Gasorwe and Musasa camps in Ruyigi, Cankuzo, Muyinga and Ngozi provinces respectively, as well as the surrounding people of those localities.

Some communes of those provinces hosting those refugees will also be supported in their Communal Community Development Plans (PCDCs) through that project, which has been commended by all participants in the meeting.

That workshop was attended by the heads of the decentralized services of the province, starting with the provincial authority of Cankuzo, Mr. Desire Njiji who praised the initiation of the project but asked ONPRA to change the implementation of that project to always align with the government’s program in the setting up of that project, inviting them to collaborate closely with the administration.

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