BUJUMBURA November 2nd (ABP) – The Commissioner General of the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR), Mr. Audace Niyonzima, paid a visit in Bujumbura on November 29, 2019 to the companies Iron & Steel, which manufactures the iron bars and BRA plastex which manufactures plastic products.

The objective of that visit, as reported by Mr. Niyonzima, was part of the preparation of the day dedicated to the taxpayer that will be celebrated on December 4, 2019 in Gitega. The OBR wanted to visit different economic operators to check whether the tax benefits they obtain produce results, he added.

Mr. Niyonzima reported that the BRA plastex plastics manufacturing factory produces various items that were thought to be imported. He said most Burundians do not know the good products made in Burundi.

The OBR Commissioner General encouraged them and showed them that the OBR, and the government in general, is not only concerned about the collection of taxes, but supports them in their investment activities.

To encourage them, says Mr. Niyonzima, the OBR has prepared a day dedicated to the taxpayer and organized a trade fair that allows them to advertise the products that their factories manufacture. He invited them to take part in that fair which will take place in Gitega (center).

He also pointed out that the benefits that the BRA plastex factory enjoys are used wisely. He also said that this company is already classified as a registered economic operator, which means companies that import without much verification.

Regarding the difficulties encountered, the director of sales and marketing at the BRA plastex factory pointed out that Burundians are not used to buying locally produced items under the pretext that they are not original. However, he continued to say, products manufactured at the BRA plastex factory meet ISO international standards.

According to Mr. Jean Nduwamungu, a technician at Iron & Steel, his company thanks the government for the promotion of economic operators especially in the artisanal field. Burundi Iron & Steel is demanding exemption for raw materials from neighboring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Most of the raw materials used in that company come from Burundi.

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