BUJUMBURA November 25th (ABP) – The members of the “Umuryango Mushasha” (New Family) Association of Buganda Commune in Cibitoke Province are pleased with the results achieved with modern mushroom cultivation.

This is a very useful activity for the 25 members, according to Mr. Bonheur Habumugisha, a member of the association. “Before starting this activity in 2017, we were very poor. We started our activities with the means offered by the organization Help Channel Burundi. We have already achieved a great profit,” Habumugisha said.

“We now have a capital of two million BIF. With the profits, the association grants microloans to the members, which allow them to carry out activities generating income. Each member saves 1,200 BIF per week. Whoever applies for a loan has the right to have an amount equivalent to three times their share,” she said, adding that the recipient pays off the loan with a monthly interest of 10%.

To the question to know whether this monthly interest rate is not high, the members of the association do not complain. According to them, it is done knowingly to increase their capital. This rate can be revised once the association has grown. The association has many customers, it cannot even satisfy all the demand.

The production was very good in 2017 because the seed was good. Now, the production is not good because we use seeds that are damaged. Initially, we used good seeds from Belgium, she said.

The economic situation of the members of the New Family Association could improve significantly with access to these quality seeds, according to Habumugisha. The association has 25 members, including eight young women and 17 young men.

Note that one kg of mushrooms costs 3,000 BIF and the boot also costs 3,000 BIF.

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