BUJUMBURA March 12nd (ABP) – The Ministry of Youth, Posts and Information Technologies in collaboration with the National Youth Council of Bujumbura City Council organized in Bujumbura on Saturday March 09, 2019, a day of mobilizing young people to support the Burundi woman and girl, as part of celebration of the International Women’s Day, under the theme “Youth, support the hand of Burundi women at the center of innovative social protection programs”. The day’s activities were marked by a peace march that began in Ngagara, where the United Nations monument was erected, passing through the northern station to the playground of Kamenge Youth Center where occasional speeches were delivered.

Ms. Evelyne Butoyi, Minister of Youth, Posts and Information Technologies, asked the young people to come together in order to found associations so that they could complement each other. She advised them to get on well with school and family works to help their mothers who gave them life.

Ms. Butoyi said there are other projects and programs that put youth at the forefront of development, including the 2017-2028 National Development Plan, which will give a significant role to women and girls of Burundi. It is in that perspective that she called on the youth to appropriate that plan for a change of mentality, for the woman to be a driver of development in the life of our country, at the political, social and economic levels.

She ended her speech by inviting the youth to work for peace and security, avoiding falling into the deceit of politicians as in 2015. For her, as the future of youth lies in their hands, they should be prepared today to look for it.

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