RUTANA January 16th (ABP) – As part of the national program called “Ewe Burundi urambaye”, people of Musongati commune in Rutana province (South-east), planted more than 4,000 young trees in Yove village, under the aegis of the governor of that province, a check by ABP revealed. There were hundreds of people in that village overlooking the Rusunu Valley, some with hoes and picks to dig holes where to plant those trees and the others with eucalyptus young plants in hand to transplant them into those holes.

The people of Yove and Gatakazi villages could even have planted more plants if they had not missed. This is easily understandable because even the van of the commune made more than four rounds, during the day of Thursday, to transport those young plants from Gisuriro where is the tree nursery to Yove, on a distance of more than 10 kilometers on a muddy and slippery track in this period of rains and fuel shortage.

Provincial governor Fidèle Minani, along with the heads of services working at the provincial headquarters, took that opportunity to send a message to the people, calling on them to maintain peace and security. Regarding the maintenance of those young trees, he recommended not to allow pets to roam the tree plantation and to punish whoever will let their cattle, be it small or large, graze in that space. Thus, he authorized the slaughter of cattle to be caught in those trees and the sharing of meat between denouncers. He warned the people against bush fires, while indicating that no tolerance will be given to anyone who burns those trees. Speaking of increased production, the governor asked people to work in associations to have more strength. Nowadays, he said, no one can produce more if they do not associate with others; even support can only be given to producer organizations and not to individuals. Stressing that work and production depend on good health, the governor appealed to the people present there to join the health mutuals. He congratulated the Musongati commune which is the first to have many more people to have joined that kind of organization, but noted that the step to be taken is still long, especially since all the people are not affiliated to those health mutual societies.

Regarding the contribution to the 2020 elections, the governor said that the Musongati commune is still at 44 percent, because so far, out of 40 600 000 francs expected, it has collected the amount of 19 350 000 francs. Thus he asked those who have not yet paid the contribution to do so as soon as possible, otherwise they will be shown as detractors of peace and security.

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