MUYINGA March 11th (ABP) – An elderly couple from Kibogoye village in Muyinga commune and province (northeastern Burundi) died mysteriously on Thursday March 7, 2019, according to local administrative sources.

Mr. Mathias Hakiza and Ms. Renée Bamporubusa, who died successively, had participated on Saturday March 2, 2019 in the wedding ceremonies, as testified by their neighbors, adding that the two had returned safe and sound. The next day, the late Hakiza began to pain. Arriving at the hospital, he died a few moments later, the village leader says. An hour later, his wife Bamporubusa, in turn, died. According to neighbors and the village administration, the victims would have drunk adulterated beer. Others say they would have consumed poison. The village leader rejected that hypothesis, especially since there was no autopsy. He states that he will closely monitor that case so that there is no attempt to revenge.

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