BUJUMBURA March 20th (ABP) – Burundi joined the world on March 8, 2019, to celebrate International Women’s Day. The ceremonies marking the day took place in Gitega (center), the new political capital. They were chaired by First Lady Denise Bucumi Nkurunziza under the theme “The Woman at the Center of Innovative Social Protection Programs “.

On that occasion, 9 women and a man who distinguished themselves in innovative social protection programs were decorated by the Ministry of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender. Among these are Miss Hervine Ishimwe, Executive Director of “Ikidede Fashion” business. The creation of the latter is consecutive to a relatively long history. Miss Ishimwe did electricity at the Teachers College (ENS), and a year of unemployment pushed her to think and discover a childhood craft to revalue, weaving. From that childhood profession she started a business she called “Ikidede Fashion”.

Thus, Ms. Ishimwe claims to have started with a capital of 60,000 BIF which, currently, has multiplied by 10. By this weaving, she produces clothes of children, even adults. She also makes other beauty items from “ibidede” and sandals. Thanks to her bravery, Ms. Ishimwe has resumed the academic activities. She is currently studying at the University of Lake Tanganyika where she does marketing and management section and is confident that at the end of the academic training, she will be equipped in entrepreneurial matters, which will allow her, according to her, to expand her business that is, for the moment, at an embryonic stage.

After receiving a certificate of honor and an envelope of money from the first Lady of the country, Ms. Ishimwe expressed a feeling of satisfaction and said that it is an honor for her and for “Ikidede Fashion,” her business.

Currently the issue of unemployment is posed with gravity in many countries around the world, including Burundi. If nothing is done, unemployment among young people is likely to pose serious problems. Certainly, efforts have been made by the Burundi Government to reduce the number of the unemployed. However, it is virtually difficult or impossible to find jobs for all young people.

Aware of this situation, the State of Burundi has made the construction of vocational training centers among the main priorities, which can help the laureates to integrate well into the socio-professional sector. As part of putting the national development strategies in a long-term perspective, the government has adopted the Burundi 2025 vision. Among the major challenges that this strategic planning proposes to address is that of solving the crucial problem of unemployment and increase household income. It aims to provide multi-sectoral solutions to that situation in order to meet the challenge of job creation.

For Ms. Ishimwe, entrepreneurship can be an alternative to unemployment. She indicates that the State of Burundi, like other States of the world, is currently unable to satisfy its youth in employment and postulates that only entrepreneurship can be a palliative to that problem.

In this state of affairs, she winks at the young finalists of both public and private universities who remain idle, waiting for jobs from the State. “Our best destiny is in our own hands. It is up to us to exploit and externalize our potentialities that are still hidden in us,” she said.

Apart from the award she received on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Ms. Ishimwe also won the ‘Smart Women’s Month’ Award in 2018 organized by the telecommunication company Smart and she has already participated in many national fairs.

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