Rainfall will be normal throughout Bujumbura province

BUJUMBURA March 6th (ABP) – The provincial Director of agriculture and livestock (DPAE) in Bujumbura province (western Burundi), Mr. Daniel Mazarahisha, told the ABP on Monday that farmers should not worry because the rainfall in 2018 season B will be normal throughout the country and in all natural regions, including the Imbo region where it will reach the required average rainfall.
He indicated that those data were provided by the experts of the Geographical Institute of Burundi (IGEBU)
Agronomists and agricultural instructors are expected to communicate to farmers that the 2018 season B started on February 15, 2018 and the probable start of the rains in the Imbo region is scheduled for May 10th and the second decade (period of ten days) of the same month for the Mugamba and Mumirwa regions, he said.
DPAE Director said Imbo farmers should have finished sowing with March 5, 2018, Mumirwa farmers on March 10th and Mugamba farmers on the 15th of the same month and focusing on crops such as beans, potatoes, fruit and vegetable crops, as well as solder crops such as cassava, sweet potato and cocoyam.
Concerning chemical fertilizers, Director Mazarahisha indicates that out of 760.25 tons envisaged, 70% are already in the province is 509,31 tons and it is therefore the distribution of those inputs. However, he revealed, until Friday March 2nd, the Bikanka zone of Mukike commune, Nyambuye zone in Isare and Migera zone in Kabezi commune were not yet served. He made a strong appeal to the supplier to serve them promptly and farmers to source fertilizer quickly while ensuring that there is no fraud.

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