GITEGA July 6th (ABP) – The Minister of Justice, Civic Protection and Seals Control, Ms. Aimee Laurentine Kanyana, told reporters on Friday that Burundi commercial justice has strengths and weaknesses. It was during an interview given to journalists after the opening of the activities of a validation workshop of the diagnostic study and evaluation of the operation of commercial justice in Burundi. It was organized in the Jean Paul II senior seminary of Gitega (central Burundi), on July 4 and 5th, in collaboration with the coordination of the World Bank’s Local Employment Development Project (PDLE).

Among the strengths of that commercial justice, Ms. Kanyana noted among others, a legal framework relating to it that dates back a very long time, sufficient and dynamic human resources and plaintiffs that rely on justice in case of litigation.

As for the weaknesses, she revealed in particular the lack of celerity in the processing of files, numerous and scattered legal texts requiring the compilation and an institutional framework which is not well organized and known by the people.

In response to that situation, Ms. Kanyana recommended that the commercial courts improve the treatment of commercial disputes as well as the resolution of the insolvency of bankrupt companies.

In addition, the commercial justice consultant, Mr. Emmanuel Kagisye, said that among the threats of Burundi commercial justice, this is corruption and other related practices, the emergence of extra procedural routes, the maneuvers of the plaintiffs and the resurgence of private justice.

The workshop was attended by the senior executives of the two vice-presidencies of the Republic, those of the ministry in charge of justice and the economic operators.

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