RUTANA / MWARO January 9th (ABP) – A man from Buyaga in Giharo commune of Rutana province (south-east), Mr. Laurent Ntamikevyo, died as a result of being clubbed by unknown criminals in the night from Saturday to Sunday. They even hid his corpse in a bush from where he was discovered the next day around noon, according to police sources in Giharo.

The victim had left his home in the afternoon of Saturday to grind some dry cassava for flour with the purpose of using it to prepare the evening meal, but did not return. Worried, his wife called on neighbors on Sunday morning to help her find him or at least inquire where he would have spent the night. Along the way, they discovered a place where the herbs had been trampled. They followed those tracks and discovered the lifeless body of the man hidden in a bush.

Mr. Ntamikevyo, from Bugendana commune in Gitega province (center), had just moved to that locality of Buyaga three years ago and had nothing to envy anyone. He had no grievance with anyone except one man with whom he had fought a few days ago, to the point of wounding him and forced him to be treated against payment of a bill of 10,000 Burundian francs. Suspicions went directly that 32-year old man by the name of Rénovat Nzokirantevye, reason why he was arrested and taken to the police cell for investigation.

Moreover, in Mwaro province (center-west), a sexagenarian by the name of Léopold Ntsembeyeko from Kibogoye village in Kayokwe commune was killed with a cold weapon and his body was thrown into a bush on the night of Sunday to Monday, according to administrative sources that the check by ABP contacted on Tuesday morning. The reasons for the assassination are linked to the land conflicts, the same sources said, indicating that three alleged perpetrators of the crime are already in the hands of the police.

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